How can KIN Currency Reach 1 Billion Users?

[Disclaimer: The following opinions and thoughts are mine only. I am not affiliated to Kik Inc. or to Kin Foundation]

I always wanted to invest in crypto but I did not really know how to do it in practice. Crypto seemed to me (and still is) quite complex, not so user-friendly and too technical. I needed a sign, something or someone to give me the first contact to crypto.

This happened two years ago.

In March 2018, a friend of mine introduced me to crypto. He took some time to explain to me the basics of crypto, how to subscribe to an Exchange, how to do the KYC, how to transfer funds to a wallet and he started to tell me more about the different projects and especially about Stellar and Bitcoin. After our discussion, I started to get interested in Stellar too and I liked the idea of instant transfer payments without any third party. I used to travel a lot around the world for leisure or for work and I always found it a pain to order foreign currencies at the banks and to wait for a long time to get the money. On top of that, I found that the administration and exchange fees were usually high but in essence, you did not really have the choice. …

[Disclaimer: The following opinions and thoughts are mine only. I am not affiliated to Kik Inc. or to Kin Foundation]

Exciting days !

We experienced a huge market bull run triggered by Bitcoin while KIN was being migrated to Solana blockchain last week. KIN price did not move that much but after the KIN Foundation announced the end of the migration of the KIN circulating supply, we saw a tremendous increase of the KIN price. (1 KIN = 0.00004312 $USD — 12/21/2020). Basically, KIN was catching up the market and at some point, KIN’s valuation was even above Solana’s. I am posting from time to time price screen captures on Twitter not to shill a price, at a particular point of time, but more with the idea to underline that the market is gradually changing its opinion about KIN and also, that a higher price is important for the project overall. As I always say, price is a consequence. …

In my previous article, I described how I was introduced to crypto and how I got interested in KIN. I also shared with you some personal thoughts on how KIN could reach 1B of KIN users worldwide.

We are now in a very interesting and exciting period for the KIN project. A new Executive Director will be appointed soon by the KIN Foundation (next week hopefully?). That person will take the responsibility and the leadership to push further KIN awareness, usage and development to fulfill the KIN vision. The appointment of that ED will be a decisive milestone for the KIN project and I am looking forward and curious to see who that person will be. …



Polype01 is a random KIN Enthusiast who felt like sharing his interest and passion for KIN. Long-term KIN Hodler

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