Post-migration thoughts

[Disclaimer: The following opinions and thoughts are mine only. I am not affiliated to Kik Inc. or to Kin Foundation]

Exciting days !

We experienced a huge market bull run triggered by Bitcoin while KIN was being migrated to Solana blockchain last week. KIN price did not move that much but after the KIN Foundation announced the end of the migration of the KIN circulating supply, we saw a tremendous increase of the KIN price. (1 KIN = 0.00004312 $USD — 12/21/2020). Basically, KIN was catching up the market and at some point, KIN’s valuation was even above Solana’s. I am posting from time to time price screen captures on Twitter not to shill a price, at a particular point of time, but more with the idea to underline that the market is gradually changing its opinion about KIN and also, that a higher price is important for the project overall. As I always say, price is a consequence. If you project is solid and serious, there is no need to worry about the price.

A higher valuation means that KIN becomes more valuable overall. If KIN is more valuable, it becomes even more interesting for Developers, for Apps, for Partners, Investors and all the stakeholders. Also, with a higher KIN price, the KIN Foundation could sell some KIN at some point of time to get some fiat to support and fund future operations and specific projects.

It is also remarkable that KIN reached such a level (1 KIN = 0.00004401 $USD) without being listed on any major Exchange. Those will come soon, no doubt about it. While Exchanges are good for liquidity, exposure, trading, those will bring a lot of price swings and price instability due to the higher speculation that will take place. While I would be happy to see a platform like Binance listing KIN today, I think that it would be better to have serious, well-known, medium size platform listing KIN first (Hello Kraken!).

It is also amazing to see how people’s perception of KIN has dramatically changed these days. One year ago, when KIN price was very low due to many reasons (SEC v. Kik trial uncertainty being the most impactful one), only a few still believed in the project and there was a lot of negativity. The fundamentals were still there and that is why I never doubted the project back then. If you did not sell while KIN was ATL, congratulations! Things will be more and more interesting from now on.

Now that KIN price is gradually increasing, we can see that the KIN model is working. Rave, a Kin ecosystem partner earned more than 85 billion $KIN via the KIN KRE, which is at current price the equivalent of 3,665,200 $USD (12/21/2020). If we do the same math with KIN’s ATH price, Rave would have 116,195,000 $USD!

It is now a very good moment for new partners (and investors) to join the KIN Ecosystem. Partners would receive periodically KIN based on their users activity and on the strength of their App economy via the renewed KIN KRE 3.0 (effective Jan 1, 2021). More users means more activity, transactions, exposure and eventually more real demand (if those users find the App good enough and interesting enough to buy KIN and spend that Kin within that App).

Oh, and we will also see at some point of time the release of the long-awaited Code Wallet. This will be a game changer and Code Wallet will allow people to buy directly KIN themselves, seamlessly, and this will have a huge positive impact on the KIN real demand. We still do not know when it will be live but I think it would make sense to have Code, fully polished and bug-free, after more partners have joined the Ecosystem (so somewhere mid-2021 — just my gut feeling).

If you are a company interested in joining the KIN Ecosystem and be part of a new win-win monetization model, you should definitely contact the Kin Foundation!

See you around!


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Polype01 is a random KIN Enthusiast who felt like sharing his interest and passion for KIN. Long-term KIN Hodler

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